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Shauna,Okay, so, I have to admit that I was just flat out nervous before the boudoir bash, aka "Centerfold Party"!! I honestly had myself set up for feeling completely awkward and not ever being able to like the outcome either. Basically, I came into the experience as a complete skeptic... And I had an absolutely unexpected BLAST!!! I wish I could really express just how much fun I had! Shauna (and Diane), you made me feel totally at ease, comfortable, relaxed, graceful, and BEAUTIFUL!! It is definitely an experience that I will treasure forever... the event made me think and feel like I was a supermodel! On top of that, it was something I got to share with my girlfriends too! I think that every woman needs to have this experience at least once and just celebrate sexy! You said it before the event, but you certainly made a believer out of me - it doesn't matter your size or shape... I felt gorgeous! And, now I have some great keepsakes for my husband too!! This is an AWESOME event to share with friends. We all had such a great time! I'll be keeping my eye out for other occasions so that I can be a part of another one!! I LOVED IT! No one can argue that you have a NATURAL GIFT and TALENT, at not only getting great shots, but giving such great experiences in the process... thank you so much :)Kelli Self; Richardson, TX

I am always nervous being in front of a camera, but now you want me in my undergarments? Ha Ha! That was the one question I had for Shauna when I signed up, with my girlfriends, for The Centerfold Party. I was a bit hesitant, but when am I ever going to get to do this again? I'm a MOM, I never get to wear make-up or go out with the girls that often... so why not do it!!I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but once we got started I loosened up and I didn't want the shoot to end!! I felt so comfortable and relaxed under Shauna's direction and Ms. Diane helping. I have never felt more beautiful, womanly, or confident as I did when I completed the shoot. I have two small children, so you don't always feel your best when you have to clean noses all day! But this photo shoot brought me back to "me." Like I said, I wasn't ready for it to end. It was sooooo much fun!!And when I saw the completed book (I purchased the "Lil' Black Book"), I was blown away by the photos!! I couldn't believe that was ME on the pages!! I think I smiled all day!! My husband was "excited" as well!! Thank you for helping me find myself again and bringing a lil' spark back into the Burrowes home!!Shawna Burrowes; Richardson, TX